10 Best Free iPod Touch Games You Should Try

10 Best Free iPod Touch Games You Should Try

I have selected a list of the best free games to suit everyone's taste, knowing that you're aren't really interested in paid apps as of now and don't want to waste time exploring the huge iTunes Store. Its difficult to find the best iPod Touch or iPhone games in a short span of time, you just can't play them all.

Here's the list of best iPod Touch Games for free:

1. Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride

You must have heard about Barry Steakfries? No? Well, he is a busy man testing undercover jetpacks for some personal fun. In this game, you will be flying down the halls in the laboratory with evil scientist, defense rockets and others always right after you. There are many things you can unlock including unique jetpacks, tacky uniforms and power-ups to keep your excitement levels high along with the fuel.

2. Wind-up Knight free iPod Touch game

Wind-up Knight

Take your Wind-up Knight through evil levels to rescue the princess from the Black Knight. This game offers some intense action, new weapons and pretty cool character customizations. Run, roll, fight and jump your way to victory.

3. Temple Run

Temple Run

This game has some highly addictive elements and challenging levels that will keep you going all the time. The main character has stolen a treasure and must get out by navigating through a maze.

4. Valor

Valor free

Its a real time strategy game allowing you to form alliances with other iOS users or battle against them to flourish your kingdom.

5. Real Tennis free iPod Touch game

Real Tennis

Play like a professional tennis player against the best oppositions, and fight your way to the top position while touring various countries. Play on different surfaces - clay, grass and synthetic. Gameloft has introduced new controls to make it more simple.

6. Flick Kick Football

Flick Kick Football

Take away the usual football rules and you have a completely different game. Bend the shot and hit the bulls-eye by beating the goalkeeper.

7. Hangman


Playing with your friends will keep you engaged and have fun at the same time. Hangman does not need any introduction.

8. Tic-Tac-Toe


This game's simple as you know, but its good enough to give you some quick intellectual boost while playing with your friends or the computer on your iPod Touch.

9. Pocket Planes

Pocket Planes

Like traveling by air? Then you would also love to build your very own airborne empire. This game may not be visually attractive, but don't go with the looks of it.

10. Bubble Shooter Free

Bubble Shooter Free

You like shooting bubbles, don't you? Well, this classic game offers some amazing features with several bubble maps and mode to choose from.

11. Words with friends Free on iPod Touch

Words with friends

This list was supposed to have the 10 best games? But there are 11, what going on? Sure, this one's a bonus if you don't mind.

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