10 Article Writing and Bookmarking Sites

10 Article Writing and Bookmarking Sites

Want to write articles and get paid for it? Don't worry its all here. We often miss opportunities of making money by spending time searching for them, when we still have hundreds of places right in front of our eyes which are more reliable.
social bookmarking and article writing sites
If you're a born writer or trying to polish your writing skills, then why not get paid for it?

Here's a list of 10 best article writing and social bookmarking sites to make money:

Infobarrel allows you to post quality articles alongside with ads. Infobarrel offers 75% to 90% commissions received from adsense. Some of its top authors earn over $2000 per month.

Another popular revenue sharing site which also helps you build quality backlinks. Most of its pages are top ranked in search engines.

A home to some of the top rated authors, Hubpages can certainly be a great source of income. It offers different advertising options to monetize your hubs - such as Adsense, Amazon and Ebay.

4. Bukisa
It offers 50% commissions of the revenues generated from your articles.

5. eHow
A standard source of "How to" articles online with huge traffic that often converts into ad revenues. You can earn anywhere from $50 - $1000 per month depending on the quality and popularity of your articles.

6. Xomba
A social bookmarking site that shares 50% of adsense revenues. A community to share your ideas and make money.

7. Seekyt
Article sharing site with 70% revenue share.

Social bookmarking site with 80% revenue share.

9. Flixya
Share images, videos and blogs to get 100% commission from ad revenues.

Write "Top list" articles and get 100% revenue share made of adsense. For instance: "Top 10 ways to...". You can make a good amount of money here.

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