Best Cross-Platform Apps to Organize your Stuff

Best Cross-Platform Apps to Organize your Stuff

These  cross-platform apps will help you organize your daily tasks with ease and let you to create or edit documents and images on the go.

These are the best cross-platform apps available for iOS, Android and Windows.
Launched for android OS, this award winning app has made it to the iOS. The interface looks quite simple, although loaded with features helps you create tasks, reminders on priority and organize the day for you. Even the voice activation looks pretty good capturing ones voice without any hiccups. It comes with a share feature, which lets you share to-do lists with your friends and family. Let them know why you're busy the whole day.


evernoteYou can't just let go off a free Office Suite app which supports multiple platforms, would you?

Creating and editing text documents, saving webpages for later viewing, organizing, sharing notes and documents, syncing docs with multiple notes, arranging travel schedules becomes so easy with it. What more do you need? It's loaded with features which you can't just throw away. They also offer a paid premium account, but the free version has all the best features that come with the paid version.


instagram cross platform appOf course, you know Instagram - its a billion dollar baby after all. But the good news is - Instagram is available on Android as well. So click photos and easily edit them on this app with filters, effects and presets before uploading or sharing with your friends and family.


pocket app

Pocket app formerly known as 'Read it later' makes reading articles and watching offline videos easy. To maintain good collection of articles to read on the go or simply to avoid revisits, Pocket could be your best pal. It has over 5 million users as of now.

Try these cross platform apps to make your day to day life efficient.

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