3 Ways for Kids to Make Money Online

3 Ways for Kids to Make Money Online

There are many ways kids can earn online, gaining knowledge in the process. There is no harm in spending an extra couple of hours on these sites if you complete your home work on time.

ways for kids to make money online

You sure will earn some pocket money and don't have to bother your parents anymore. Adults have many options to make money online or offline, but kids don't. Some sites need you to be 13 or 18 years old to qualify and participate in their programs.

So how exactly can a kid make money?


Here are some sites that will add some relief to your ever growing wishlist: 

Its popularly known for making money with GPT programs. You can earn money taking surveys, doing offers or trials, shopping, playing games and socializing. The moment you earn $5, you can request for a payout and the check will be delivered to you on the said time.

This is a fun site to work with. It offers a wide range of surveys focused primarily on movies, music and game which kids love the most.

Anybody can make money on Mylot - kids, teens or adults. You earn by participating in discussions, uploading images, answering questions or doing simple tasks. However, you need to have a PayPal account to get paid. You can ask your parents to associate their PayPal with Mylot, if you don't have one which I guess you won't if you're a kid.

There are many other sites, in fact, hundreds of them but don't have enough traffic, which ultimately makes them dead and waste of time. So there was no point in mentioning them here. These 3 sites get huge traffic and guarantee some extra cash.


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