15 Best Photoshop Tutorials For Beginners and Experts

15 Best Photoshop Tutorials For Beginners and Experts

This post is a round-up of 15 useful tutorials in Photoshop which includes photo manipulations, text effects, poster designing and more. Whether you are a beginner or an expert graphic designer, these tutorials will help sharpen your design skills . Its always good to keep yourself updated with the latest techniques and stay competent in this ever growing design industry.

Here's a list of some handpicked Photoshop tutorials

1. Hell Rider Photoshop Tutorial
This tutorial is for sporty guys who like riding fictional bikes. Its inspired from the Ghost Rider movie.

hell rider

2. Design a Grungy Western Movie Poster
This tutorial will show you how to design a retro style grungy poster design from start to finish in simple steps.

movie poster

3.  Create a Mobile App Icon in Photoshop
Its a part of a three-part series explaining how to design UI elements for mobile applications in Photoshop. In this part, it will explain how to design an icon for your mobile device’s home screen.

mobile app icon

4. Create a Royal Gold Text Effect in Using Layer Styles

This tutorial will show you how to create an awesome royal gold text effect using layer styles in Photoshop.

text effect in photoshop

5. Enigmatic Black and White Flyer Design Tutorial
Create a futuristic black and white flyer with this tut, and take a leap into the space.

flyer design

6. Create a Mixed Media Style Design
This is a great tut to improve your understanding of Photoshop's extensive layer masking feature to create some amazing graphic effects.

Mixed media style design

7. Using Custom Photoshop Brushes to Create an Immersive Lighting Effect
It may look like a difficult effect to produce, but the steps are very simple to follow. This tut could be useful in producing similar style Facebook timeline photos or Twitter backgrounds.

custom brushes

8. Dramatic Sci-Fi Photo Manipulation
Create a dramatic sci-fi scene using blending modes. A great resource for beginners.

sci fi photo manipulation

9. How to Mix Hand Drawing Sketch With Photo
Learn how to create a unique photo effect from sketch.

photo and sketch

sports portrait tutorial


awesome disintegration

13. How to Create a Flaming Manipulation
This is a really cool tutorial that shows the techniques to create a flying man with fire power - similar to Iron man.

flying man with flames
Dress or undress a lamb. A very unique effect which can be used for humans as well.
Lambs coat

dancing flyer


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