10 tips and tricks for better Facebook experience

10 tips and tricks for better Facebook experience

Why not spend a little time in making Facebook a fun place. Don't you think it gets boring sometimes?
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Few tips to make Facebook a better place:

Tweak your settings

1. Appear offline to certain friends
There are times when you avoid chatting with some of your friends (those annoying types) on Facebook, while like chatting with others. But since they are in your friends list you either choose staying offline all together or end up chatting with a whole bunch of distractions. The solution is to open the chat window, click on the "Options" icon in the top right corner and then "Advanced Settings". You can either add friends you want to avoid in the first option or those you like to see in the chat window in the second. This way you don't have to go offline every time your fake friend or cold enemy comes online.

2. Add photos to your locations
If you like using Facebook "Places" to share your various locations, then you might also like displaying photos to show off your various activities when you were/are there. Simply click on "Add Photos to Map" from the main Places page, and starting tagging your album photos.

3. Upload photos in high resolution
You'll often come across situations where an uploaded high resolution photo gets truncated or blurred. This is because fb automatically re-sizes photos to a default resolution and size. You can remedy this by simply checking the "High Quality" box before uploading the photo.

4. Hide app notifications for a uncluttered experience

If your Facebook timeline is constantly spammed by excessive number of app notifications from your friends activities and want to get rid of these annoying notifications, just go to account settings, and click on "Notifications" tab on the left side, you can uncheck the boxes beside the application and deactivate notifications. This is more easy then breaking the friendship.

5. Download your entire Facebook data

You can download a copy of your fb data which includes almost everything that you shared on fb even the status update. Just go to account settings page, you'll find a link to "Download a copy" of your FB data. Click on it and secure your entire profile.

6. Control posts you're tagged in
This is often an embarrassing situation when one of your friend tags you in a photo you would probably hate, and leave you helpless at times. To avoid this, just go to "Privacy Settings, select Custom and then "Edit Settings" link under the "Timeline and Tagging" Section. The third line speaks it all by itself, just turn it on and relax. Now you can review all the photos you're tagged in.

Web tools

7. Analyze your Facebook history 
Wolfram Alpha helps you have a complete breakdown of your entire FB history. Just type "Facebook Report" in the search box, approve the app and wait for the app to breakdown your history. Once done, you will be overwhelmed by the endless number of graphs showing you history, most liked photos etc.

8. Schedule Facebook updates
Sensible allows you to schedule updates on your Facebook profile even while you're away attending a meeting or perhaps your own marriage.

9. Sync Twitter and Facebook updates
Go to the Twitter app page on Facebook and authorize the app to sync your social profiles. All your tweets will appear as status updates on fb.

Facebook Trick

10. Fool your friends
You might have seen your friends posting status updates from iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and other featured devices. You might have also noticed a line below the status update displaying the device name and icon. This is applicable to those who use these devices to post updates, but what if who don't have these devices at all? Well, you too can post updates with fake device info using an app developed on Facebook developers platform:
Pick your favorite, authorize it and there you go!!

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