SimCity Social Crosses 1.4 million Facebook Likes

SimCity Social Crosses 1.4 million Facebook Likes

A few months back, EA had launched a game SimCity Social to tap the Social Networking market. A move speculated to be an attempt by Electronic Arts to bring down Zynga's domination.

simcity social by EA
Simcity Social is a City-building game similar to City-ville but with more features such as having sponsored content, allowing players to send branded boosts to other  players who can use them or store for future use.

simcity game for social networks
As promised, it has brought some ultra gaming features to entice a new generation of urban planners with its easy to use tools, allowing gamers to expand their cities and watch them come to life.

Having some real life concepts being implemented in the game like - being kind by putting out a fire or helping others in executing mischievous acts like a criminal escape. Its really exciting to have these real life elements in the game. Electronic Arts would also be launching a boxed version of the game to lure PC gamers with concepts like climate change, and natural disasters being implemented.

Yes, SimCity is on Facebook and has already crossed 1.4 million likesPlay it now!!

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