Optimize Your Blog With Custom Permalinks

Optimize Your Blog With Custom Permalinks

Blogger has recently introduced Custom Permalinks feature, which allows users to create their own blog post URL's. A much needed feature introduced by Google, and appreciated by many.

Before this feature was introduced, users could not create their own search engine friendly and keyword rich permalinks which are effective in terms of SEO. Blogger would automatically grab the first few characters from your post title and use it as your post URL. But with Custom Permalinks, you create your own post URL. It helps rank your blog higher in search results as the keywords appear in the blog URL itself.

You can find this option on the right sidebar of a new post page under the Page Settings menu.  Following image will help you:
custom permalink

To add a Custom Permalink, click on the link and choose the second radio button as shown in the image which says Custom URL.

Make sure you add only keywords and remove any unwanted characters unlike the post title to make the URL clean and relevant for search engines. Try to keep it as shorter as possible - anything above 50 characters will be ignored by search engines. Use hyphens to separate words and avoid keyword stuffing - I have removed "your" but not "with", cause it makes sense.

That's it! Pretty simple, wasn't it?

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