How to Start a Blog and Make Money

How to Start a Blog and Make Money

Money? That's the only thought you can't let go? May it be blogging or any other business, you want money. Its natural for anybody to think that way. Who doesn't want to earn? And blogging has evolved to such an extent that you can be a millionaire in just a few months time. Well, I'm not joking and I never did btw.

Blogging has become an important part of life now. You may be a student, a writer, a teacher, an artist or just anybody with loads of talent. Why not use your writing skills with that knowledge and offer something useful to people. You would love to write about the things that interest you the most, wouldn't you? And earning from the things you love is even more interesting.

I know the thought that's still cribbing your mind since you started reading this post is - I need money. Just starting a blog/website doesn't take you anywhere. Let me explain the whole process in detail:

Start a blog

This is easy - just signup for a free service like Blogger or buy a custom domain from your favorite service provider, choice is yours. Blogger works well for me and I love it. Things get too simple with it. So I would leave that to you.

Choose A Niche

Blogging is about sharing knowledge on a specific topic that you are good at. Technically we call it as "Niche". Creating a blog is pretty simple, but to decide the niche could put you rolling. How will you choose a niche then? Take a notepad and a pen, trust me they work better than any text editor. Now, brainstorm as many topics as you can that interest you or you're good at, write them down on your notepad. Make sure its a big list, write down all the things that come to your mind without even thinking if you can write about it. Don't worry, we will chop off the unwanted topics.

Now go through the list once again, try to analyze the things you know on each topic. Rate yourself from 1-10 for each niche that you have chosen, and write it next to each topic. For instance, if you have 10 niches in the list - one of your topic is Photography but you have average skills in it, then rate yourself as 5.

Scratch out all those niches in which you score less than 7. So if you initially had a list of 10 niches, after scratching out it should definitely come down to 1 or 2. I'm sure now you know what you are good at? Yes, that's your niche.

Posting Content

After choosing a niche, its time to post content on it and trust me this is one of the biggest challenges you'd face. If you're good at something you won't find it difficult to write on it.

Write comprehensive posts that cover the title of your post. I suggest adding at least 2-3 articles per day - over time you will have a handful of posts to attract visitors. Either post original content or forget getting traffic and making money from it. Well, that was confusing? The thing is search engines are intelligent enough to detect duplicate content and you may get permanently penalized by them. Don't even think of it or you'll eventually end up digging your own grave. And why would anyone visit your site if they can get the same information elsewhere.


There are lot of things involved to optimize your website to make it search engine friendly such as keyword optimization, backlinks, meta tags etc which I have already discussed in my previous posts.

Getting Traffic

Without traffic your website will die down with time. I often find people who after enough slogging, just give up. Getting traffic to your website isn't rocket science. Try to explore all the areas online to market your website - submit to directories, use social networking, join online communities, interact with other bloggers, guest post on other blogs, and never forget the search engines cause they are the actual source of traffic.

Getting traffic may not be rocket science but it doesn't happen overnight. Patience and perseverance is the key to success.


Now we come to a point which actually matters the most, isn't it? Well, after you gain a fair amount of traffic to your website, you are good to go and start making money from it.

You can earn either by displaying ads, affiliate links or by selling their own products. To start with apply for an adsense account - if your site has original content, it won't be that difficult to get your adsense account approved in a weeks time. Don't worry if it doesn't get approved or isn't qualified to display ads. There is no dearth of ad networks. This post should explain it all.

Try to look into the pros and cons of each ad network to avoid any bumps and hiccups in the process.

If you are not sure if you would continue blogging or just want to try your hands on it then trust me you don't have to go any further - you'll waste your time.  But if you are desperate to make a career in it, and have that fire and dedication to run your blog overcoming the shortfalls then start it now.

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