How To Add Related Posts Widget In Blogger

How To Add Related Posts Widget In Blogger

In this post, I'll show you the steps to add related posts widget to your blog without any coding. There are loads of tutorials online on this but most of them require you to copy some code and dump it in your Blogger template. That's easy for programmers, but what about the non techies? Well, this post will just do good for you...

Take a cup of coffee and make sure you don't blink your eyes in the process, cause by the time you blink you would be finished installing this widget. So ready?

Alright, here's how you install the related posts widget:

1. Go to and signup for a new account.

2. Click Install and then choose Blogger.

nrelate widget

3. Enter your blog address where you want the nRelate widget. Click on "Submit".

4. The next page that opens will have four options where you want the widget to appear on your blog. Lets go with the first option - Posts Only. Click "Continue".

add related posts widget
5. Click the "Add to Blogger" button, this will redirect you to your Blogger account.

add widget to blogger

6. Select the blog and Click "Add Widget". 

related post widget

That's it!! You made it. Don't get excited as yet, cause you may not see the related posts widget immediately, as nRelate needs time to crawl all your posts. It may take anywhere from 15 mins-2 hours to actually see this widget on your blog. Meanwhile, you can have another cup of coffee.

And as you drink, lets customize the related posts widget:

Like I said, you don't have to do any coding or repeat the whole process of adding the widget again. It all happens from the nRelate website.

Go to Manage Setting and choose Blogger - > Select your blog.

In the next page, you can customize the widget as per your requirement - change the styles, choose the no. of posts to be displayed, remove the promotional link from the widget, display ads etc. All these options are self explanatory, so I won't get into the details.

manage settings

Different style options -
nrelate styles

Now that you have customized the widget, just sit and watch till it magically appears on your blog. I guess that was simple enough to understand, wasn't it? This widget won't affect your blog's performance either.


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