Apps and Tips to Customize Google Reader

Apps and Tips to Customize Google Reader

Really Simple Syndication's(RSS), perhaps the best invention in the past. Getting updates of your favorite websites in one place becomes more easier. However, if you're subscribed to numerous sites, then things can get too messy with Google Reader.

Here are some apps and tips to help you make things much better:


1. Clutter Free Google Reader

Users who like reading news from their favorite sites would have hard time with Google Reader with its not so popular cluttered interface. Having a quick glance at news headlines becomes too difficult here. 'Readable' helps get rid of the flaws this interface has, making it more organized.

2. Plus or Stylish

This app helps you customize the look of your reader. If the default styles don't impress you, then "Reader Plus" is just the thing you need. You can add, delete or edit almost anything. In case, you want more customizations, "Stylish" would fit your needs.



3. Toolbar Subscriptions

Subscribing to new websites may cost you some extra clicks if you're a Chrome user. Unlike Firefox, on Chrome you have to copy-paste the site URL to follow. RSS Subscription Extension offers a two click subscription method to add the current site to your subscriptions.
RSS Subscription Extension

4. Get Update Notifications for Google Reader

Don't waste time checking for updated feeds, just install the Google Reader Notifier add-on for Chrome or  Google Reader Watcher for Firefox. These add-ons will place an RSS feed icon beside the address bar displaying the no. of unread feeds and other statistics. You may change the settings to suit your needs.



5. Backup

If you read feeds on a regular basis and like to revisit some for reference, then its good to backup your favorite feeds. Just Go to Settings - >Import/Export. You can import or Export the file to or from your hard disk. A backup ensures your favorite feeds are with you at all times.


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