8 Awesome Places to Sell Photos, Vectors, Illustrations and Videos

8 Awesome Places to Sell Photos, Vectors, Illustrations and Videos

If you are passionate photographer just like me or a newbie trying to explore this creative field of photography, then you should be very familiar with this statement ' A Picture is worth 1000 words', but not really aware that your pictures could be worth $1000? This may seem a bit hypothetical, but trust me its true.

You can sell your images to Stockphoto sites and make money. All you need is a good collection of images to sell on these sites, and once your images are downloaded by buyers you get a commission on that sale.

If photography is not your area of expertise, you may sell vector images, illustrations, audio or video clips.

List of top 8 microstock agencies where you can sell your images:

Just signup and get your contributor account approved by submitting 10 professional looking images. Once approved, you can earn from $0.28 to over $28 per image download.

iStockphoto may not be for everyone, as they have a very strict approval policy and not many get approved first time. If you are a professional photographer, than this place best suits your needs to buy or sell photos.
They pay 15 to 20% commission per download and $0.65 per subcription based downloads.

It pays 20% to 63% per single-image download depending on the portfolio type and 0.25 to 0.40 credits for content sold via subscription download.

This is one the best sites with a huge collection of photos, but the interface is little complex for new users to understand. Contributors receive 20-55% commission per item download. As exlucive member you also get $0.28/ image uploaded to their site.

5. 123rf
It has a user friendly interface and finding something of your choice isn't difficult. They also pay more compared to other agencies - Flat 50% per single image download and $0.36 for subscription downloads. Earn by selling photos and vectors.

Its quick and easy on depositphotos, just signup and start uploading some cool pictures. Pays 40-52% per download and 30-35% for subscriptions.

You get 30% commission for content sold, which may vary depending on buyers payment plans. As an exclusive contributor you can earn as high as $25 per download.

The interface may not be impressive, but the earning potential is high as there are less photographers to compete with.
They have 3 download categories:
Instant - $1 to $25 per download
Credit based - $0.50 to $12.50 per download.
Subscription downloads - $0.30 to $22.

You can submit the same images on all these sites as long as you don't opt for exclusivity. This increases your income eight fold.

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