10 Cool Google Tricks for Fun

10 Cool Google Tricks for Fun

I'll always remain a die hard Google fan throughout my life. Frankly, the Internet is what it is because of Google, without the Big G everything would have been so boring.

Here are the 10 cool Google tricks you can use to freak your friends and have fun:

1. Barrel roll
This one's a real entertainer, making a buzz on Twitter all over. Just search for "do a barrel roll" and you will see the whole search page spinning or perhaps doing a rock n roll.

do a barrel roll

2. Fun with Gravity
If you're hit by a Newton thought and wondering if gravity phenomena is real than you got to try this one. Type "Google gravity" in the search box and hit "I’m feeling lucky", to see Google crashing down into pieces the moment you move the mouse. Perhaps, you may have to re-evaluate your thoughts on gravity.
3. Recursion
Recursion is a process of self repetition. If you are stuck in an endless loop and want to get out of it then try searching "Recursion". Google wants to have fun with you by displaying the same word in its "did you mean" suggestion, even though you didn't make a spelling mistake. That means you'll never come out of that loop. Sorry:(

4. Nagging Rams trick
Quite similar to recursion effect, searching "anagram"(rearranging the letters in a word to make a new word) will suggest "nag a ram", if you thought you know that word.

5. You'll never find Chuck Norris
Even Google can't find Chuck Norris, how dare we? Just type "find Chuck Norris" and hit "I'm feeling lucky" and see what I mean.

6. Pacman
It was started as a doodle to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Pacman in 2010, but due to its increasing popularity, it was given a permanent home.

7. Zerg rush
Search "zerg rush" and be ready to defend your Google page against a horde of the letter "o". They will start destroying your search results in a matter of seconds only to leave two Big G's on the page - a victory sign for attackers. Cool trick isn't it?

8. Doodles trick
If you aren't aware of what Doodles mean? It is the image you see above the search box every time you visit Google search. Just hit "I'm feeling lucky" without searching for anything and you'll see a whole bunch of doodles back from 1998 to 2012.

9. Sphere-d
This trick turns every single element on Google page into a virtual sphere. Just type "Google sphere" hit "I'm feeling lucky" and have fun.


10. The disappearing "OO"
Perhaps not a Google trick, but you can fool your friends with this. Click anywhere on the Dark Arts page and act as if you are erasing the two O's in Google logo for 2-4 seconds - the O's will disappear. Repeat the same process to bring them back.

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