World Map Of Popular Social Networks

World Map Of Popular Social Networks

This world map displays the most popular social networking websites across the globe.

most popular social networking sites
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Alexa and Google Trends traffic data was used to determine the user statistics. With over 845 million users, Facebook remains the dominant social network. Though not on the image, Twitter is the second most popular social network per country. You may visit for more information.


  1. I don't think any social network will overtake facebook at least for a couple of years. Its does get boring there now... but it still dominates.

    1. I'm not sure if facebook can stay on top for long. But a recent research says facebook will fade out by 2017 due to facebook fatigue in users. However, you cannot ignore their over 850 million user base growing at a rapid pace.

  2. Interesting post. I think Facebook will start to fade, it's already happening. The increase in numbers is reducing and so many users are fake the figures probably aren't even that accurate.

  3. the social network isn't about gathering into some small close-knit community. I know a lot of people do it this way - I could identify dozens of such communities - but I think that what happens is that they withdraw from the wider web and become more insular. what is a social network 

  4. Based on the map there are several country that use Facebook than other social media sites. It means that Facebook starting to engage the the whole world.


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