Make Money Without An Approved Adsense Account

Make Money Without An Approved Adsense Account

Make Money Without adsense
Most bloggers think they really cannot make money without having an approved adsense account. Although, a nightmare for new bloggers to get your application rejected, you can still make as much money with other methods as you would with Google Adsense. I agree, adsense is the dominant player in online advertising and has evolved with time to meet customer satisfaction. But that doesn't leave you without any options. In this post I'll be discussing 3 advertising alternatives to make money:

Make money from Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing lets you promote products on your blog or website form merchant and retailer sites. If a visitor from your site clicks on the affiliate product link and makes a purchase, you earn a commission ranging from 10-50% depending on the product type. Most people confuse Affiliate Marketing with Referral Marketing which is a completely different topic, that I wont discuss in this post.

Amazon and Ebay are one of the most preferred destinations for bloggers. Signup as an affiliate on Amazon and promote their products on your blog to make money. You can earn from $100 a month to as high as over $10,000.

Make money Selling Ad Spaces on your blog

A blog with a a good organic traffic and great content is sure to attract advertisers. They are constantly seeking new blogs with good traffic stats to buy ad space and promote their products or website. These ads are usually CPM based i.e, cost per thousand impressions. If you have a blog with over 1,000 pageviews, this option is for you. The pay rates range from $1 to $10/ 1000 pageviews - this could be even more depending on your blogs authority. Lets consider the average pageviews of your blog as 2,000 and an average pay rate of $2. You can earn $2 x 2 x 30days = $120/ad. If you sell three more ad spaces, you could easily earn 120 x 4 = $480/month.

Adsense alternatives

There are hundreds of online advertising networks on Internet. The most preferred after adsense are Adbrite and Chitika. They both have higher pay rates as compared to any other network. Although, Adbrite lacks relevant ads as they have less ad inventory, they still pay you more. If you are looking for search relevant ads, Chitika will do best for you. In fact, you get an initial signup bonus of $5 in your Chitika publisher account, the moment you signup.

Use these methods to make money from your blog, and I bet you won't be disappointed.

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