How To Sell Your Blog And Make Money

How To Sell Your Blog And Make Money

If you're tired of blogging or just can't find time to blog on your favorite topics anymore, then selling your blog would be a great option.

How To Sell Your Blog
A blog with a good number of quality posts is sure to attract buyers. New blogs take time to get indexed on search engines and the hard work to optimize them is often time consuming. To avoid these things, bloggers often seek blogs which are already optimized and indexed by search engines.

Before thinking of selling your blog and making money from it, consider the following points:

How much is your blog worth?

The most difficult part while selling your blog is knowing your blogs worth. But how would you determine that? Well, there are numerous sites which can produce a rough estimation of your blog. These sites take into account the websites traffic, the number of posts, pages indexed on Google, page rank and the backlinks to your website. A good site to know your blogs worth would be

You can evaluate the blogs cost by using this formula: blog's monthly revenue x 12 = Final cost. If it makes $600 per month then the sale price would be 12 x $600 = $7200. Some blogs use the 24 x monthly revenue formula. But that solely depends on the websites traffic, reputation and the backlinks.

Finding buyers

Now that you know the blogs worth, its important to get real buyers. You can approach Blog Brokers, as they deal with websites on a regular basis and it makes sense too, doesn't it? A place to put your blog on sale would be, as its meant for that purpose. A lot of interested buyers hang around there, and they mean serious business.

In case, you have a direct buyer, make sure you do a thorough research and verify the buyer's authenticity. I won't be shocked if you come across spammers pretending to buy your blog. It often happens that you finalize the blog price, seal the deal and eventually land up selling your blog without actually being paid. So never transfer your blogs to anyone before getting paid.

Selling your blog

It could be heart-breaking to sell your blog after having worked so hard on it. Just take a deep breath, ask yourself if you could run that blog successfully? If the answer is no, then just sell it and move on. You're definitely making money from it after all, aren't you?


  1. Wow great! I never thought we can sell blogs? Is that for blogspot blog as well?

  2. Google policies don't allow us to sell blogspot blogs. However, you may sell if you have hosted your blog on a custom domain. Though, I have seen some blogspot blogs being sold in the past but that's rare.


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