How To Increase Alexa Ranking Of Your Blog

How To Increase Alexa Ranking Of Your Blog

improve alexa rankAlexa has been ranking blogs and websites for more than a decade now. It ranks websites based on its traffic levels, and the incoming backlinks. So why is Alexa important and how do you increase your blog's rank?

Why Alexa Rank Is important

Alexa rank plays a big role if you plan to sell ad spots on your website. Advertisers use it to determine the popularity and the reach of your blog. A better ranked blog would definitely have good traffic and higher ad conversion rates. Even Webmasters and bloggers consider Alexa rankings before linking to your site (that precious backlink), submitting guest posts or following your blog. If you don't have a better AR, selling direct advertising on your blog would become difficult. Working on improving your traffic rank now, would reap you some great benefits in future.

How To Increase Your Blog's Alexa Rank

1. Install The Alexa Toolbar

Alexa gives more weight to visits that come from a browser which already has an Alexa toolbar installed. I don't know why, but it does. It helps them obtain users data, allowing them to calculate website rank based on blog traffic, upstream and downstream traffic and related links.

The first thing you need to do is to install this toolbar on your own browser as you are more likely to visit your own blog more than anyone else does. By setting your blog as your browsers homepage, you are actually visiting your site each time you open a new tab. Request your friends and family members to install Alexa toolbar and set your blog as their homepage.

2. Talk about Alexa

You can write a post on Alexa and let your regular readers know the importance of this toolbar. This way you are increasing your blogs rank along with theirs.

Well, that was simple... wasn't it? There's one catch though, installing Alexa does affect your browsers performance. So if your computer runs on a slow processor or if your Internet speed is slow, than I wouldn't recommend installing this Toolbar.


  1. I never knew that Alexa got their information from the Alexa toolbar… That means I could be getting a ton of views, but if nobody was using the Alexa toolbar when they viewed my site, my rating would be bad.

  2. Not really rohit... using alexa toolbar speeds up the process.

  3. amazing writing about increase Alexa Ranking Of Your Blog

  4. Many people think that alexa is not that much important for their website but I think reading your post they will get to know the actual importance of Alexa Rank..really informative!!
    Website Development

    1. Ya Alexa plays an important role if you're planning on writing Sponsored posts or displaying direct ads.


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