8 SEO Steps To Quickly Optimize Your Blog In Search Results

8 SEO Steps To Quickly Optimize Your Blog In Search Results

Search Engine Optimization is a process of improving a website or blogs visibility in search results. Its often a time consuming task if not done correctly. But its fun and quick if done using key techniques.
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Here are the steps to optimize your blog in search engines:

Keywords in post title
Post title is the most important element in placing your blog higher in search results as it gets displayed in search results. Having long tail keywords in your post title reduces competition. Since many established blogs target short keyword phrases to optimize their websites, its highly impossible to beat them. You shouldn't repeat a keyword twice in the post title.

Keywords in blog header

Search engines give priority to blogs which apart from having a quality post also revolves around the same topic. For instance, a make money blog will have posts on tips related to making money and not on dog training. Likewise, the blog header indicates search engines that your blog is on a specific topic. Try to include keywords that relate with the post body.

Use keywords in alt tags to optimize your blog
A picture is worth thousand words - that's for humans not search engines. Search engines cannot translate an image and understand what its about. So they look for alt tags in images to understand the image and display them in search results. Always include targeted keywords in alt tags to rank higher in image searches. And don't forget to have at least one image in a post.

Internal linking
Internal links are often ignored by bloggers which often results in lower page rank, its one of the most important elements of SEO. Linking your older posts in your new post also helps in keeping your blog visitors engaged. You wont believe, but readers often look for links - be it an internal or an external link. They just can't stick around for too long and try to move on. In these cases, internal linking rescues your blog, and that's why its important to search engines too.

Links from popular directories
Submitting your blog to popular directories like Yahoo and DMOZ may bring positive results. These directories list websites with original content and highly effective articles. Its quite difficult to get listed in these directories at least in DMOZ, since each submission is manually reviewed. Fortunately, if you get listed - no wonder your blogs pagerank will increase. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing use data from these directories.

Meta description based SEO
Its a brief summary of your blog or post which appears in search results. Including relevant keywords in meta description will definitely rank your blog higher in search results.

Meta tags
These keywords should directly relate to your posts. Avoid keyword stuffing or placing irrelevant keywords here or be ready to get permanently penalized by search engines.

Link from Technorati
Technorati is a highly reputed blog directory. Through my own experience - a link from Technorati, means better ranking in Google and better SEO. If your blog isn't indexed on Google, try this method and optimize your blog.

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