5 Firefox about:config Tweaks For Better Browsing

5 Firefox about:config Tweaks For Better Browsing

Mozilla has implemented a feature called about:config into its browsers, which allows you to edit or customize every single internal settings of Firefox manually. Even the options that cannot be accessed through the normal Options pop up box. To edit any settings just type about:config in the address bar.

Fiddling around with too many changes without actually knowing it, or entering random parameters may damage your browser. There are changes that you may misconfigure the settings unless you are a Firefox power user.

Alright, lets see how this thing works. You open the page by entering about:config in the address bar. There are entries that handle different configuration types. All you have to do is search for a particular setting, double click and change the values. You can backup your prefs.js file before editing any settings. Just in case something goes wrong, you can restore the settings.

List of about:config settings in Firefox to make your browsing experience better:


Ususally, when you press Ctrl+Tab to navigate from one tab to another on your browser, Firefox will switch from tab to tab. By changing this setting to true you'll be shown a row of thumbnails you can navigate through. Default setting is false.


Closing the last remaining tab in Firefox will result in the whole browser being closed. You may not like this, as sometimes we want to close the tab not the whole browser. Fortunately, by changing this setting to false, you won't have the browser closed with the last remaining tab. Default setting is true.


Sometimes, Firefox truncates the "http://" portion of the URLs in the address bar. If you don't want that to happen, just change this setting to false. Default setting is true.


If you have too many tabs open, you'll find a small button at the end of the tabs list which displays the list of open tabs. You can view these open tabs in a grid view by pressing Ctrl+Shift+E. But this needs you to press these 3 keys every time. To make it simple, just change this setting to true and transform the tabs list into a grid. Its useful in closing multiple tabs. Default setting is false.

Firefox about config

Firefox about config


Using the search bar on Firefox will display the results in the same page. What if you want the search results in a new tab? Change this setting to true, and Firefox will ensure that the results are displayed in a new tab the next time you search. Default setting is false.

Try these about:config tweaks and have a more effective browser.


  1. Is there a risk of losing browser data if something goes wrong?

  2. yes there is... Just backup the prefs.js files before making any changes to about:config settings.


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