5 Crowdfunding Websites for Entrepreneurs

5 Crowdfunding Websites for Entrepreneurs

Crowdfunding websites help aspiring individuals, entrepreneurs, startups, filmakers, musicians, inventors, designers, artists, writers, social workers and many others to get funding for their projects.

Investors fund your projects and you need to reward them with something (a small gift or sometimes just a thank you email) in return for their fine gesture. 

5 top Crowdfunding websites to get funded:

A Crowdfunding website for artists, journalists, filmmakers, inventors, socialist, musician and many more.     Kickstarter is the most popular website for creative projects. However, like every other crowdfunding platform, you need to set a funding target here. If you reach the funding goal, you get the funds.

crowdfunding websites for startups

This website has a user friendly interface and you don't have to wait for approvals. Just register and submit your project to get funded. It's that simple. It offers flexible funding - means you don't have to reach your funding goal.

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It's a fairly new Crowdfunding website and quite similar to Indiegogo. However, StartSomeGood emphasizes more on social projects.

crowd funding websites

This one's for inventors. Quirky really fits it's name, it mainly focuses on inventions. So if you are one of the engineer types? This one's for you.

funding sites for entrepreneurs

5. Wefunder
It has a good number of investors waiting to fund new startups with the potential to grow.

crowdfunding websites for entrepreneurs

If you're planning to start a new company, a music album, a social network, a movie or anything that you can think of, just register on these Crowdfunding sites and place your pitch.

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