5 Awesome Pinterest Tools You Will Love

5 Awesome Pinterest Tools You Will Love

Pinterest is a social photo sharing website that allows it's members to share and manage theme-based image collections to their pinboard. It has quickly gained popularity since its launch, and now it's one of the most visited websites on Internet giving tough competition to popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter. On Pinterest, users can pin photos, visit other pinboards, re-pin images on your own pinboards and comment or like images.

Here a list of Top 5 Pinterest Tools that will make your experience on this social sharing site more effective:
Pinterest Right-Click makes pinning images more powerful and (P)interesting. This add on makes it easier to share images from any website to your Pinterest profile by just right clicking on it using your Firfox browser. You can pin Facebook images as well.

Awesome Pinterest Tools

It comes bundled with three amazing features:
- the first feature is just what Pinterest Right Click does, but this one's for Chrome.
- the second feature allows you to hover over pins on Pinterest and get a zoomed version of that image.
- The third feature lets you see popular pins right from your browser's toolbar.

pin to pinterest app
It's similar to Klout for Twitter and offers the same features for your Pinterest account. It focuses on bringing insights and analytics to Pinterest. The PinReach score is based on the combination of various social activities you complete like the number of pins, your influence on the followers, re-pins etc. The Pin Score ranges from 0-100, the more it is the better it gets. While the exact formula has not been disclosed yet, nobody has managed to cross 90.

Pinterest Tools

Thought you could only pin images on Pinterest? think again. Share As Image lets you highlight text on any website and share it as an image. It comes in two version - free and Pro. The free version allows sharing text without color customization and using only a single font. The PRO version would cost you $2.99 and allows color customizations, different font options and live previewing! And the good thing,  it's not limited to just Pinterest, you can share text images on Facebook and Twitter as well.

pin to pinterest app

It's a Google Chrome browser extension which makes it easy to take a screenshot of any web page then share it on Pinterest. If you think of sharing snapshots from your own website, you would love this app.

Shotpin Pinterest Tool


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