10 Google Adsense Alternatives To Monetize Your Blog

10 Google Adsense Alternatives To Monetize Your Blog

Don't panic if you haven't been able to get your Google Adsense approved for no reason. There are numerous other high paying alternatives to adsense to monetize your blog.

Listed are some of the best adsense alternatives:

adsense alternative1. Chitika: is my personal favorite when it comes to showing relevant ads on your website. Chitika displays ads only when a user reaches your site through search engines (organic traffic). The minimum payout threshold is $10 for Paypal transfer and $50 for Postal Cheque. Chitika offers $5 as a signup bonus for publishers which is immediately displayed into their publisher account.

google adsense alternative2. Infolinks: is the best in terms of revenue sharing. You earn 70% of the revenue share from the ads. The good thing is you don't need a minimum daily or monthly pageviews to display ads. Infolinks displays in-text links, by converting some of your posts keywords into hover over link ads. When a user moves the mouse pointer over these links, a small ad is displayed. In-text ads basically save ad space and off course earn you money. Payments are made through Paypal, Check or Bank transfer. Its a good option to monetize your blog with in-text ads.

Kontera3. Kontera: another in-text advertising network similar to infolinks. They seem to have relaxed their minimum visitors per month restrictions, which is a good news for new bloggers.

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4. Buysellads: Its a direct advertising network, helping bloggers to sell ad space on their blogs. These ads are basically CPM based (Cost Per Thousand Visits). To get your blog approved, you need to meet their minimum traffic requirements - 50,000 pageviews/ month.

google adsense alternative5. AdBrite: I did mention in my previous post that adbrite is a great alternative to adsense. Ads are displayed in a similar fashion as in adsense, but adbrite ad pays much higher.

6. Clicksor: offers in-line text ads, text banner, graphical banners and pop under ads. Minimum payout threshold is $50 by Check, Paypal or Wired Transfer
monetize your blog

7. Media.net: It offers content, search targeted, web bar and mobile ads. The minimum payout threshold is $100. Media.net prefers websites which get organic traffic from US, UK and Canada.

sell ad space8. Text Link Ads Network: Its one of the largest text link ads market place. You are under complete control of what ads should be displayed on your blog unlike PPC, where ads are displayed randomly. The only con is that Text link ad keeps  50% of the ad revenue and you can't set ad prices. Payments are made by Check, PayPal, Payoneer, or TLA voucher on the 1st of every month with no added fees.


LinkShare ads9. LinkShare: LinkShare has a huge lot of ad inventory. Its offers affiliate links and has some of the best companies of the world like Sony, Apple, Dell, Playboy, Istockphoto etc on their shelf. I highly recommend LinkShare if you want to promote affiliate products on your blog.

10. AdsGadget: register here and display ads the moment you complete the registration process. No approval at all.

Try these ad networks, if you are not successful with your adsense applications.


  1. Hi, this is Pamela from Infolinks. Thanks for including us in this list - AdSense alternatives is a hot topic. I wanted to share that not only are we a great AdSense alternative, but we're also a fantastic complement to AdSense as well, for those who are looking to boost their revenue even higher.

    Thanks again and happy blogging!
    Pamela :)

  2. Which Ads u are Using On ur blog


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