How To Make Money On Sponsored Tweets

How To Make Money On Sponsored Tweets

Make Money On Sponsored TweetsEver heard about Sponsored Tweets, if not then here’s what it is “ST is a program that pays you for posting tweets on your twitter account for advertisers”. You can sign up on Sponsored Tweets using your Twitter account or create a new account. Using your Twitter account is what I recommend.

Now for those who have already signed up but haven’t been able to attract advertisers, here are some tips to increase the chances of getting more offers.

1. New Twitter Account
A fresh Twitter account is more unlikely to attract advertisers. Advertisers require your Twitter account to be at least 60 days old. I know that’s not a good news for newbie’s, but that’s the way how advertisers can avoid spammers and low value tweeters. Meanwhile, you can post some useful tweets, increase your follower base and build a good relation with your followers. A new twitter account with a huge follower list is quite suspicious.

2. Have a Complete Twitter Profile
Do you really follow people with an incomplete profile? If not, just wonder why an advertiser would be interested in sponsoring that profile. They definitely would like to know who they are advertising with. After all, they are spending money on you.  So make sure you fill in the bio (which makes sense), a profile picture, and a custom background. I’ve seen many people not emphasizing on the custom background thing, which I think it is as important as other details. If you’re really that involved on Twitter, how can you miss the background? Wouldn’t you like your house nicely decorated if you live in it? It’s that same on Twitter.

3. Turn On ClickWatch
ClickWatch is a program within Sponsored Tweets, which provides a level of protection for advertisers. When a Tweeter enables ClickWatch, the system monitors the click performance of that tweet after 48 hours. If the cost per click is above $1.50 the system will automatically schedule another tweet to be posted on your account. A tweeter with ClickWatch enabled is more likely to attract advertisers, because it guarantees value for money for the advertisers. However, it’s not mandatory to have it enabled.

4. Maintain a Good Followers to Friends Ratio
Apart from your profile details, advertisers are presented with some system generated information by Sponsored Tweets about your profile, and one of them is the Ratio (number of people following you vs. the number of people you’re following). A ratio of 1 means no. of your followers is proportional to the no. of people you follow. Sponsored Tweets likes people with a ration higher than 1 (Ratio 1 – could mean a tweeter is using an auto follow tool to inflate his follower count).

5. Sign Up for a Klout Account
Klout is a service that measures your influence on your social network. They calculate your Klout score based on the following:
True Reach: How many people you influence.
Amplification: How much you influence them.
Network Impact: The influence of your network

The Klout score ranges from 1-100, the higher it is the better it gets. Having a Klout score is good, as advertisers see this score before sending you any offers. If you haven’t signed up with Klout, Sponsored Tweets displays your Klout score as zero to your advertisers. So don’t ignore it.

6. Have followers from your niche
Focus on having followers from your niche not just anybody. Don’t get excited if you have thousands of followers who hardly interact. You need to have a good relation with your followers, and that is possible only by posting good and useful content. Be consistent and focus on a particular niche that you are good at. If people start liking your tweets, they’re more likely to click on your sponsored tweets. Sometimes as a token of appreciation.

I hope this post was informative and helpful to those who want to make money from your tweets. If you haven’t yet signed up on Sponsored Tweets.


  1. thanks for sharing I just joint sponsored tweet for a few week so this articles so helpful to make because it get me right for the programs.

    1. Thank you Kimsea... Hope you do well on ST...

  2. Hey I like your website just got tuned in first saw your back links article


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