Help Google and Make Easy Money

Help Google and Make Easy Money

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Good news for those who want to make some extra money. Google has announced that it will start paying users in exchange for sharing their search history to Google as part of their new project called ‘Screenwise’.

The project aims to know more about Internet users daily activities, what keywords you use to search, the choices you make from search results, sites you visit and the way you use them. Screenwise is asking for volunteers to install a Chrome browser extension that will allow data to be collected from your browser in exchange for up to $25 in gift cards. A $5 Gift Card code for those who sign up, and an additional $5 gift card code every three months for staying with the project.

According to a technology website Ars Technica, the Screenwise project is offering $100 on sign up, plus $20/month up to one year. I think that's a fair amount of money to start with.

To participate, you need to be 13 or older with a Google Account and ready to use Google Chrome browser. So you can participate if it interests you. As a panelist, you will have complete transparency over what information is being included.

The projects principal goal is to improve Google products & services, and make it a better online experience for everyone. I like the way Google is working towards making Internet a better place and letting users make money from it.

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