10 Free Backlink building Tips

10 Free Backlink building Tips

Backlink Building TipsBacklinks are basically incoming links to your site from other sites. These links act as votes to your blog, which help search engines to rank your blog.  The higher your rank, the more traffic you get, as your blog will be on top of search engine results.


Following are some key points to get those backlinks:

1. Write Content for People

Its important to write content for people not your blog, to get backlinks. Why would anyone link to your site if you don't have anything to offer. Naturally, if you write articles that are interesting and useful, people would like to share them with others and discuss more about it. So content is always the king.

2. Submit to Blog Directories to get Backlinks

Once you have good number of articles, start submitting your posts to blog directories. These directories allow you to include your blog's link with the posts. They have a good reputation in Google's eyes and getting a backlink from them is the first step.

3. Get on Blogrolls

As the number of articles increase in your blog, start connecting with other bloggers on Technorati or other sites. Once you build a strong base of online contacts, suggest a blogroll reciprocal link. For this to work, you need to develop a relationship with them by commenting on their blogs.

4. Guest Posts

Writing guest posts on other blogs is a great way to promote your own blog. They not only drive traffic to your blog but also increase the number of incoming links.

5. Join Blog Carnivals

Blog Carnivals are sites where almost all the blogs gather, a place for bloggers and readers. You just need to register their, post an article linking to your site and greet other bloggers.

6. Twitter and Facebook Helps

Find people from your niche and start following them or liking them and always try to develop a friendly relationship by replying to their tweets/ updates. The nice ones will retweet and spread a word about you and your blog. You can also buy facebook fans to increase the number of people your updates reach.

7. Comment on Other Blogs for Backlinks

This is one of the most popular link building strategies employed by blog owners. Start commenting on blogs from your niche, but always remember to include your blog's URL in the URL field of the comment form. Only do-follow backlinks count on search engines.

8. Participate in Forum Discussions

Join online forums related to your blog topic and actively participate. Build some reputation by offering good resolutions. Also make sure your blog URL is included in your forum signature, so a link is posted each time along with the message in the forum.

9. Link Out to Others

This will not bring any traffic to your blog. However, you should give some to get some. By linking others, there is a possibility of getting a link back as a return of favor.

10. Social Bookmarking Sites

Sites like StumbleUpon, Delicious, Digg and reddit are some of the best social bookmarking sites, which can pour in traffic to your blog like anything. More the traffic, the more backlinks you get, provided you have good content.


  1. I think guest blogging is one of the best option to building natural backlinks. Thank you for sharing your ideas, all ideas are equally important for link building.


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